What Are The Qualities You Should Nurture In Your Child?

Nurture In Your Child

There are certain key traits that you as a parent should instill in your child at an early age so that he or she grows up to be a successful and responsible person. It is better to teach the following traits at a very young age so that your child becomes one of the best human beings on earth.

  •         Tolerance

It is very important for you to teach the art of being patient. Nothing can be achieved when you are angry and impatient and a lot will happen if you are ready to be patient. In fact, good things will come to everyone who is ready to have some patience to achieve it. If your kid learns the art of patience, then he or she can achieve anything that they are looking for. In order to teach patience to your child, you should also be patient when doing things. Do not forget that your child will always be watching you and looking to copy what you are doing. If you get upset with your servant for coming late to work or scold someone for not following the lane rule, then you are setting a poor example for your kid to follow. Make sure you do right always so that your kids will also follow them. The young ones will not be able to speak a lot, but they can easily understand what you say to them. Teach them patience and the importance of it.

  •         Trust

This is an important quality that you should instill in your young ones. Without trust, the child will not be able to develop relationships, move forward and also get the confidence in life. Teaching trust of the child can start in the infant stage itself. Bond with your small one so that he or she feels a sense of security. This will help in developing a sense of security in the kid. Once you respond to the child’s basic needs, it will feel confident in you. Make eye contact and talk to the child always to develop trust. It is also important to keep an eye on the baby’s temperament as he or she grows up. Tailoring your actions to suit the kid’s personality will make the toddler have more trust in you.

How To Build Resilience In Children?

Every child is born with some talent or the other. He or she is capable of doing some extraordinary things. There are greatness and happiness lying inside every child and differ children will do different things with it. They are going to face challenges in life and we cannot prevent the challenges. What we can do as a parent is to build their resilience and to help them face the challenges that they experience in life. By being a resilient child, children can get over their stress, adversity, challenge or tragedy that befalls on them. They will be braver, adaptable and more curious about life.

The following are some of the ways you can nurture resilience in your child.

  •         Provide support for the child

The kids on their own will not be able to deal with adversity. They need support and help from your side. If you shower your love on your child, then he or she will have the confidence to develop some coping skills. You should turn into a very responsible parent for the child whenever he faces adversity so that he or she can learn from you on how to cope with stress or other adversities. By having your presence by his or her side, the child will be able to reverse the psychological changes that he or she feels due to stress. Anyone in the life of the child can make a huge difference in his or her life coaches, teachers, grandparents, parents, etc.

  •         Permit them to ask for help

It is important to make sure that your child is not overly dependent on you for all the difficulties he comes across in life. He should be brave enough to deal with certain things by himself. But, give them advice and guidance that being brave also means that they should ask help from adults with dire consequences. If the troubles that they face can be solved by themselves, then they should move forward. If not, they will need to be given proper guidance on how to solve the issues so that they can meet it themselves when it comes the next time around.

  •         Nurture competence feelings

It is very important to instill confidence and the skills to manage hard tasks. You should acknowledge every brave thing that your child does. Your encouragement will be the boost for the child to complete hard tasks. You should always acknowledge the strengths that they show. You should give them the confidence and the courage to take their own decisions and to strive hard to achieve complicated tasks. If they have a feeling of mastery over the difficult situations, then they will not be worried about facing challenges and stress in the future as well.

Why Is Parenting Such A Tough Job?

If you are reading this article, then you would be having the same feeling that I have. I feel that parenting is not a breezy job and is a very hard job. Right from the moment we announce that we are going to be parents, life has changed and we are experiencing sleep scarcity. There is no doubt that the arrival of the child changes your world completely. He will knock you off your feet and you will have to deal with emotions, assaults, and many other superlatives in life. It is a tough job to handle a little person in life without proper guidance and training. But, even those people who have undergone training under psychologists, child caretakers, etc., do not have the knack of taking proper care of their child. So, why on earth is parenting a harder job than what we expected?

Reasons for parenting is hard

  •         Conflicting advice on raising children

There is no dearth of the information that you need to raise a healthy child. You can get it from all quarter’s right from experience means to family members and also from the internet. But, each one will be having a different perspective as to how to raise a child. These kinds of varied information will only provide you more confusion than solutions. Each child is different and you need to have your own methods of nurturing your child.

  •         Child Behaviors

The child will show a variety of behaviors at different times. He might be throwing some tantrums around or biting or kicking you. He would also refuse to say sorry when you ask for. Well, there would be a lot of things that would be running in your mind about the child’s behavior. You would be thinking about how your parent reacted when you did this to them. The reactions that your close friends would have given for such child behaviors would flash your mind. You would also be thinking about the cool mom that you saw in the neighborhood not worried about this and taking everything in her stride. You will be in a confused state of mind to decide on what to say to your child.

  •         Not able to have a proper life balance

There are many images that you see on the internet and social media about smiling parents and their kids. They look like they have everything under control and are happy with their lives. This is just not happening for most of the parents. They do not feel life is a bed of roses. If you are looking at enjoying dream lives with happy parents and kids’ environment, then this would not be that easy to achieve. But you can always strive to achieve it as it is not an impossible task as well.

Healthy Eating Leads To Healthy Development

It is highly important to keep the children away from junk foods and teaching them to eat healthy foods. It is only the healthy foods that will help in the development of the brain faster and also nurtures the child’s body. The preferences for the food starts from the infant stage itself. Hence, feeding the right foods very early in life will help in nurturing food habits. The lifelong food habits will basically depend on the kind of foods that are given to them at a young age.

Healthy Eating

Foster healthy eating habits

It is your duty to feed the child with nourishing and healthy foods so that he or she will take them all their lives. You need to create a routine, eating habit and make then stick to it. The children must be taught in small, feel and taste healthy foods. You should teach them the details as to where the fresh foods come from and if possible take them to a farm or crop cultivation centers to learn more about foods. A local company Rid-Of-It Vancouver has a “waste not” food program to help kids learn about not wasting food. Also, taking them to a local farmers market will help in enriching their knowledge about the different kind of healthy foods. There is no harm in indulging young children to grow good food hoe and also to ask them to help you with cooking. All these will help in nurturing their food habits.

Happy atmosphere encourages happy eating

It is important to provide a very good eating environment for the child. The dining table must be a place where you will discuss only the family and touch upon the need to eat healthily. There should be no arguments and business discussion at the dinner table. These habits will create a positive and healthy eating environment always. Children must be taught not to waste food very early in their life.