How To Build Resilience In Children?

Every child is born with some talent or the other. He or she is capable of doing some extraordinary things. There are greatness and happiness lying inside every child and differ children will do different things with it. They are going to face challenges in life and we cannot prevent the challenges. What we can do as a parent is to build their resilience and to help them face the challenges that they experience in life. By being a resilient child, children can get over their stress, adversity, challenge or tragedy that befalls on them. They will be braver, adaptable and more curious about life.

The following are some of the ways you can nurture resilience in your child.

  •         Provide support for the child

The kids on their own will not be able to deal with adversity. They need support and help from your side. If you shower your love on your child, then he or she will have the confidence to develop some coping skills. You should turn into a very responsible parent for the child whenever he faces adversity so that he or she can learn from you on how to cope with stress or other adversities. By having your presence by his or her side, the child will be able to reverse the psychological changes that he or she feels due to stress. Anyone in the life of the child can make a huge difference in his or her life coaches, teachers, grandparents, parents, etc.

  •         Permit them to ask for help

It is important to make sure that your child is not overly dependent on you for all the difficulties he comes across in life. He should be brave enough to deal with certain things by himself. But, give them advice and guidance that being brave also means that they should ask help from adults with dire consequences. If the troubles that they face can be solved by themselves, then they should move forward. If not, they will need to be given proper guidance on how to solve the issues so that they can meet it themselves when it comes the next time around.

  •         Nurture competence feelings

It is very important to instill confidence and the skills to manage hard tasks. You should acknowledge every brave thing that your child does. Your encouragement will be the boost for the child to complete hard tasks. You should always acknowledge the strengths that they show. You should give them the confidence and the courage to take their own decisions and to strive hard to achieve complicated tasks. If they have a feeling of mastery over the difficult situations, then they will not be worried about facing challenges and stress in the future as well.

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