Why Is Parenting Such A Tough Job?

If you are reading this article, then you would be having the same feeling that I have. I feel that parenting is not a breezy job and is a very hard job. Right from the moment we announce that we are going to be parents, life has changed and we are experiencing sleep scarcity. There is no doubt that the arrival of the child changes your world completely. He will knock you off your feet and you will have to deal with emotions, assaults, and many other superlatives in life. It is a tough job to handle a little person in life without proper guidance and training. But, even those people who have undergone training under psychologists, child caretakers, etc., do not have the knack of taking proper care of their child. So, why on earth is parenting a harder job than what we expected?

Reasons for parenting is hard

  •         Conflicting advice on raising children

There is no dearth of the information that you need to raise a healthy child. You can get it from all quarter’s right from experience means to family members and also from the internet. But, each one will be having a different perspective as to how to raise a child. These kinds of varied information will only provide you more confusion than solutions. Each child is different and you need to have your own methods of nurturing your child.

  •         Child Behaviors

The child will show a variety of behaviors at different times. He might be throwing some tantrums around or biting or kicking you. He would also refuse to say sorry when you ask for. Well, there would be a lot of things that would be running in your mind about the child’s behavior. You would be thinking about how your parent reacted when you did this to them. The reactions that your close friends would have given for such child behaviors would flash your mind. You would also be thinking about the cool mom that you saw in the neighborhood not worried about this and taking everything in her stride. You will be in a confused state of mind to decide on what to say to your child.

  •         Not able to have a proper life balance

There are many images that you see on the internet and social media about smiling parents and their kids. They look like they have everything under control and are happy with their lives. This is just not happening for most of the parents. They do not feel life is a bed of roses. If you are looking at enjoying dream lives with happy parents and kids’ environment, then this would not be that easy to achieve. But you can always strive to achieve it as it is not an impossible task as well.

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